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Web Devlopment

Who’s not excited about the Web! Either you already have or need Web presence. We can assist you.

Build A Web App

Have better exposure! Potential customer discovery is more than 60% on App Store search. So why not build your business one?

Tailored Experience

Have a quick Free consult with Our team and will create a User interface and Experience prototype. That helps put things into perspective, and help you visualize your goal

E-Commerce Solutions

Generate Sales with an Innovative, Modern Sales Application.
Manage inventory, Orders and Customers Easier.
Best of all enhance Customer Service!

Boost Sales

Whether you need a B2B, B2C or a Global store presence to boost sales. We can assist you, bring your customers a once in a life-time e-commerce experience. Boost Sales Now


Web Development

A website has a personality — it is a reflection of the person or organization behind it. When people visit your website, you want it to stand out from the crowd, to be memorable. You want people to come back and use your website or get in touch with you. So, to distinguish itself from the unwashed masses, your website not only needs remarkable content, but also has to be innovative and functional.

Responsive Web Design

Our in-depth understanding of your company and target market will translate into a platform that configures your companies essence, while also expanding your presence and reach online. Get A Free Consult Now


Using The Right Technology

Bespoke Software Development

Purpose built software gets the job Done.
And it delivers a higher ROI for your business.
Get Our Experienced Team As A Business Partner


With advancing technology, and evolving user and business needs – A tailored software solution would prove beneficial for your business needs.


Developing Your Mobile App

Once this plan is approved, our developers will set to work building your app. They are able to create a simple, user-friendly app that is either a standalone tool or integrates with a much larger backend system. This system could be something you are already using or we could develop it for you. It all depends on what you need your mobile app to do. Let’s Build An App, It’s Fun !

App Development

Creating a brand-new mobile application is much like developing a custom software solution. Our team follows the same process for moving from concept to a finished product that does exactly what your business needs it to do.

It all starts with an investigation into your requirements by one of our trained business analysts. They will ensure that the core features of the app are outlined and that we understand your business ethos. This information is then used to plot out an app design and the full functionality it will offer.



Mark Taitz

"codeXpros is a group of young aspiring creatives that are more than capable of solving complex problem scenarios with their unique set of skills. I trust them with all my coding needs and believe that it's their way of under promise and over deliver that keeps me smiling when paying the monthly bills. Keep it up guys!"

Genevieve Booysen

"Upon the start of our project I had no clue as to what to expect, however as the project progressed these bunch of intellectuals not only surprised me but they educated me about the needs and trends of online digital platforms. I truly thank you for a great website."

Jasper Venter

"Design, develop and succeed, thanks to the codeXpros team, my company is now up and running on all digital platforms known to mankind. You guys certainly are my genie in a bottle."


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