The design and layout is the foundation of your website. It guides the user through the sections and highlights what is most important. Each website must establish an aesthetic appeal that relates to the user in order to make it memorable. Therefore, you need to carefully think through how you lay out content. codeXpros implements the latest web design trends such as modern UI patterns, micro interactions, material design, flat design, responsive design, minimalism and rich animation.

An original, creative layout goes a long way to improving the user experience of a website, although not letting your creativity get in the way of usability is important.

As usual, we have to put ourselves in the users’ shoes: What do we want them to see first? How will your message be best communicated? We have to ask these questions before we start designing because the layout will shape the rest of the design and website.

A website has a personality — it is a reflection of the person or organization behind it. When people visit your website, you want it to stand out from the crowd. You want people to come back and use your website or get in touch with you. So, to distinguish itself from the unwashed masses, your website not only needs remarkable content but also has to be innovative and functional.

Ask yourself, what would make life easier for your user? Simple search functionality may be needed, or perhaps the navigation menu could use some sprucing up. Nevertheless, the personality of the website needs to be consistent throughout. Our experienced web developers use various tools to ensure that our customers get exactly what they need in the shortest time possible.

Due to our exceedingly high customer satisfaction (and tremendous results), a large percentage of our new business is via word of mouth. There is no greater reward to us than the compliment of a referral, so in addition to saying THANK YOU, we reward those referrals in the form of credit towards continued services with us.


Mark Taitz

"codeXpros is a group of young aspiring creatives that are more than capable of solving complex problem scenarios with their unique set of skills. I trust them with all my coding needs and believe that it's their way of under promise and over deliver that keeps me smiling when paying the monthly bills. Keep it up guys!"

Genevieve Booysen

"Upon the start of our project I had no clue as to what to expect, however as the project progressed these bunch of intellectuals not only surprised me but they educated me about the needs and trends of online digital platforms. I truly thank you for a great website."

Jasper Venter

"Design, develop and succeed, thanks to the codeXpros team, my company is now up and running on all digital platforms known to mankind. You guys certainly are my genie in a bottle."

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